How do I book a photo session?

Reach out through the contact page on my website. Once we decide on your session type and date, I will send over your reservation information where you can virtually sign the contract and pay the deposit online.

Do I need to give you a deposit?

Once you select your session date with me, I will send you an invoice for the $125 deposit to secure your session (plus 6% VA state sales tax). The balance of the session cost is due one day prior to our scheduled date.

What type of payments do you accept?

Your invoice will direct you to pay through PayPal, which accepts Venmo, credit cards, and debit cards.

Where will the session take place?

Your session can take place either at your home or another location. With the exception of mini sessions which will take place at a location that I have preselected, we can work together to find a location that suits your vision. If you have a favorite place in mind, I will do my best to accommodate that. And by the way, in-home shoots are NOT just for newborns! I love in-home shoots because of the comfort and coziness, not having to worry about weather, capturing kiddos in their own environment, and the flexibility in-home shooting offers. Of course, the best part is that you don't have to drive anywhere! And don't think your home has to look like it's in a magazine for us to shoot your session there. Consider capturing your family where you live and love!

What if I need to reschedule?

I totally understand that situations can arise that require you to reschedule your session, and there is no penalty for weather or illness-related rescheduling. Please note that my schedule often books up weeks in advance, so we may have to be creative in finding a mutually agreeable time. If rain is in the forecast, we can monitor the situation together and determine whether rescheduling is in our best interest. If it is very windy or there are temperature extremes, I will recommend rescheduling. If someone in your party is sick, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your session. You do not need to reschedule a session due to appearance-related issues such as a scratch or bruise, as I can edit those out.

What should I wear? What should I bring? How should I prepare for my in-home session? How can I make sure my session goes well?

I'm so glad you asked! Prior to your session, I will share with you my client styling and experience guides. In addition, I am also available to chat on the phone or through messaging to help you finalize your wardrobe choices and talk about our vision for your session.

How do we schedule our newborn session when we don't know when the baby will arrive?

I will pencil you into my calendar on your due date, and I will hold space in my schedule for your session. When the baby arrives, or when you have an official induction date, we will pick the actual date for your session. To get the best sleepy newborn photos, we will schedule your session within the first two weeks. (However, see note below!) Newborn sessions are typically scheduled on weekday mornings.

My baby is several weeks old. Is it too late for a newborn session?

Definitely not! There are new, beautiful, tiny moments to be captured at every step along the way.

Is there a charge for adding more people to my session?

There is no charge for adding additional people to your session because you are paying for my time shooting and editing. You will receive the same amount of promised images no matter the number of participants. However, please keep in mind that as more people are added, the less room I have for getting candid or creative shots, and the photos will be more posed. If you are hoping for a more candid look, consider limiting participants and/or upgrading to a longer session time.

What can I expect at our session?

By their short nature, mini sessions do not allow us as much time to get creative, though I do still aim for a good number of candids. For other sessions, I will help set up the classic "looking at the camera" shots, but I'll also be prompting some sweet, candid moments in between. I'll chat with your kids, put leaves on my head, sing a song, and generally make a fool of myself if necessary. We'll try out different spots to get some variety, and I'll do everything I can to help everyone feel at ease. When we have a bit more time allotted, I really try to step back and capture your family connections, playing, talking, just being you. In the event that you schedule an in-home documentary style session, we will still get some "posed" shots, but much of our session will be your life and interactions as they naturally occur. In any case, I always try to defer to the natural family dynamic and interactions because I want to be capturing your story!

What retouching will be done to my images?

In my portrait package descriptions, I mention that your images are "hand-edited," which means that each image is edited individually with careful consideration. I prefer photos that have a more natural look, and I do not apply mass filters to images. Though it is time consuming, I go through and make adjustments on each image as needed, correcting color, exposure, cropping, and making other adjustments to make each photo look its best. I will remove cosmetic blemishes such as a pimple, a bruise, or a scratch, at the client's discretion. I will remove things like a distracting stray hair or a spot on a shirt, or smooth a crusty toddler nose, when applicable. If there is something in particular you are concerned about, please let me know!

How will I receive my images?

After your session, I will sift through our images to select the very best. I then complete basic retouching on the selected images, usually to calibrate color, correct exposure, crop, and straighten horizontal lines. Watermarked images are then uploaded to a private, online gallery within two weeks of our session. You will receive an email with a link & password to view your proofs and select your images. Each package comes with a different amount of digital image downloads, and additional files, prints, canvases, etc. can be purchased, if desired. (No sales pressure, no worries!) You will have up to two weeks to select your images, and then I will edit these in detail. Once these are re-uploaded to your gallery, you will receive a new link to your included images, without watermarks, to download and share. Product orders generally take about two-three weeks to arrive, so let me know if you need something sooner.

Can you help me choose which products to order?

Of course! I am happy to help you select images for prints, design wall art, or create an album. If there is a product you are interested in but don't see it in the store, just let me know! I work with several professional labs and I'm happy to help you find exactly what you have in mind. Prints, wall art, and other products can be ordered through the online store attached to your gallery; however, there is no high-pressure sales pitch.

What is print permission?

When you purchase digital files from me, I will send you a document that outlines your permission to print. This means you will be able to print your images for personal use up to size 8x10. The printing release does not permit printing or publication for commercial, editorial, competition, or other purposes without my written consent. I retain the copyright to all images, and images my not be altered or edited in any way, and doing so is a violation of copyright.

Why should I order prints or products through you when I can get them cheaper online?

There is a huge difference between consumer labs and professional labs. When you order prints or products directly through my online store, you are paying for professional-quality papers and canvases. In addition, you have the assurance that I will make sure the images are properly cropped, color-calibrated, and formatted to look beautiful in your home. I want everyone to have at least a little something beautiful to hold on to after their session, which is why I include 5x7 prints with the Classic and Keepsake collections.