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Baby Love: An In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

July 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-82018 Jul 25 Kim previews-8 This beautiful little girl was getting sleepy near the end of my photo session at her house.  I just love this picture of her and how it shows the vibrant colors of childhood. (And check out those eyes!)  She had resorted to wearing the blue tutu as we got near the end, and since Mom and Dad told me it is her favorite, I think they will treasure this shot!  Leading up to this sleepy moment, I got to witness a lot of family fun, including trains, blocks, chalk, reading books, and baking cookies. 

2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-62018 Jul 25 Kim previews-6 2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-72018 Jul 25 Kim previews-7 2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-92018 Jul 25 Kim previews-9

I love when clients and I are on the same page, and when Mom and I talked before her newborn session, I knew we would be a great fit since she wanted a relaxed photo shoot that captured her family interacting in their own home.   

2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-22018 Jul 25 Kim previews-2 2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-32018 Jul 25 Kim previews-3 2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-52018 Jul 25 Kim previews-5 2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-42018 Jul 25 Kim previews-4 A quick look at big sister checking me out when I first arrived:

2018 Jul 25 Kim previews-12018 Jul 25 Kim previews-1

No worries though, as she had me in a tiara playing with trains just moments later!


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